Are there gym modalities ideal for each person?

Practicing physical activity is democratic, after all, it can be done by children and even the elderly. But is there an ideal gym for each person?

The choice will depend on your availability and what you like to do. Of course, some have restrictions, but the important thing is to find out which option you enjoy the most.

Are you looking for the right exercise for you? Then, follow the reading of this text. In it, we will present tips for choosing the ideal modality. Follow and learn!

What is the importance of choosing the ideal activity?

It is no longer a secret for anyone the importance of practicing physical exercises throughout life, after all, they are essential to maintain a healthy routine. They help prevent disease, increase life expectancy and even relax your mind and body.

But we know that the running routine sometimes prevents us from putting this action into practice. And it is at these times that laziness hits leaving home and doing anything.

Therefore, it is very important to look for some activity with which you identify, because only then, even on those laziest days, will you be able to practice it.

How to choose the gym modality for you?

Just as exercise is important, it is also essential to know what physical activity you like best.

They all have a type of benefit, but of course there is one that has more to do with your profile. If you’re still in doubt about which one to choose, here are some options to follow!


The activity is known for harmony, balance and muscular flexibility. It is done in small groups, so that the teacher pays attention to everyone.

In one hour of class, it is possible to lose up to 450 calories. It is indicated for body rehabilitation, physical conditioning and well-being.

Functional circuit

Functional training is considered more dynamic than conventional training and mixes different physical activities in one exercise.

It is performed in a group and works on muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, motor coordination and balance. In addition, they can eliminate 800 calories in an hour.


Exercise is indicated for those looking to tighten their muscles, combined with weight loss.

Even with so many myths, it is possible to lose weight with weight training and change muscle mass. In an hour, you can eliminate up to 400 calories.


Do you like fights? So boxing can please you. The activity is known as a form of combat, and students use their fists for defense or attack.

But it doesn’t stop there: she also uses ropes, push-ups and sit-ups, moving with various parts of the body.

Jiu Jitsu

Still in the category of fights, there is the option to practice this exercise, which is known to be a lot of contact.

The sport helps to improve the physical and mental health of the practitioners, and, in addition, it is capable of burning up to a thousand calories in an hour of class.


Have you ever heard that whoever dances, their evils amazes? So, this is the proposal of this modality in the academy.

She uses modern choreographic movements in a didactic way. Classes use various musical styles to suit all tastes.


The activity is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness;

Students practice the four swimming modalities:

  • crawl;
  • back;
  • chest;
  • butterfly.

In this text, we show the importance of choosing a physical exercise and present some options of gym modalities. It is essential to practice some physical activity, as it helps in the development of a healthier life.

That is why it is so important to choose the activity that best suits you and your profile, after all, it is necessary to like it enough to be able to win those lazy days.



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