Food at Carnival: 3 tips to withstand the revelry

Carnival is approaching and this is another one of those periods of the year when maintaining focus, a balanced diet and regular physical exercise becomes an even greater challenge.

Also, the fear of exaggerating drinks or unnutritious foods and, consequently, disrupting in a few days the gains achieved with so much sweat and effort over a longer period are hammering in your head?

Rest assured, we are here to help you!

Continue reading to check how your meal should be at Carnival, some snack options and other tips for you to «survive» the revelry!

1. What to eat before heading out to the blocks?

Do you already know which blocks will come out? Great! This is the easy part, the hard part is organizing your food. Try to plan to eat every three hours.

Focus on the intake of carbohydrates, such as breads and pastas, giving preference to whole grains — they will guarantee energy for your body, in addition to the feeling of satiety.

For example:

Are you going to a block at 1pm? Wake up, have a breakfast at 9 am reinforced with carbohydrates — such as whole-grain breads and fruits — to ensure mood and vitamins for the rest of the day.

Have lunch at 12pm combining a lean protein — it could be a fish — with a pasta — a wholegrain pasta, for example.

With a full belly and a body full of nutrients and energy, you are «free» for another meal until 3pm — and then it is time to use your creativity.

But don’t worry, we’ve prepared some suggestions for you!

2. What to take for your meals at Carnival?

The ideal scenario would be to bring fruit or even sandwiches to ensure a good meal at Carnival. However, it is not always practical or possible to take the snack to the block.

Banana, apple, nuts or dried fruits are practical and nutritious options, which fit in a small bag and can help to kill hunger without compromising your diet.

Won’t you be able to take anything to the streets?

Okay, but avoid eating fatty foods or fried foods — the most common in blocks — and look for natural juices and sandwiches or lean meat options, like chicken and tuna.

Another important point to be aware of during Carnival is hydration. Water is essential to not overload your body.

Even if you are leaving a bit of a more balanced routine, do not forget to hydrate your body constantly. Between a beer can and another, try to drink a glass of water.

3. How to recover to face the next day?

Have you passed the limit a little bit on alcohol or low-nutritious foods?

When you get home, try to eat eggs or tuna, two sources rich in protein — which we lose when our body comes into contact with alcohol — and, the next morning, repeat the reinforced breakfast to increase your disposition before to face another day of excesses.

As we pointed out, water is very important to resist the festivities, but also thinking about the recovery for the next day. Combining the liquid with ginger in a tea, for example, is an option to speed up recovery.

Just the fact that you don’t let your body dehydrate, is already a way to prepare for the next day.

Throughout the text we show some food options at Carnival and other important tips to endure the busy routine — and not so healthy — of the blocks and parties.

In addition, we highlight what you can do to recover and endure another day of fun.

Now just enjoy the fun following our tips to make the most of it, minimizing the impacts on your health.

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