Learn how to combine aerobic training with weight training

For a long time, aerobic training was considered the villain of those looking for an increase in lean mass.

People cut off this type of activity completely from their training program and, almost always, had a lower than expected physical condition.

However, science has already proven that aerobic exercises can not only coexist with muscle mass gain, but are also essential for those seeking extra benefits.

From reducing muscle pain to increasing metabolism and muscle recovery, running or other aerobic activities can completely change your workouts.

In the following, we will explain how to reconcile these two types of training to have more health and complete athletic development.

Learn how to measure the amount of your workouts

The first step in achieving a reconciliation between these activities is the dosage of the two trainings.

We know that the activities in the weight room must keep an hour limit for the best results to be achieved.

When we talk about aerobic exercises, such as running, the ideal is not to extrapolate in time and make the activity have a maximum of 45 minutes.

Avoiding long distances should also be the goal of anyone looking to increase muscle.

Interval training with greater intensity is usually the ideal choice for those seeking to reconcile the two goals.

The frequency must also be respected: in an ideal setting, the maximum is to perform the activity three times a week.

Respect that limit and listen to your body to find the best program — some people will need less training each week to respond better.

How to train aerobic and anaerobic?

Another fundamental aspect to achieve good results is the separation of the periods of activities.

Ideally, you should never run before weight training — running after training is usually best, but only if you eat the right food during the break.

In an ideal scenario, it would be best to separate everything into a kind of “two shifts”.

This distance of hours is important for your body to recover and avoid muscle catabolism. During this period, the diet should be consistent with your daily activity level.

This is important to ensure all the necessary nutrients for your body.

Do not forget that your caloric expenditure will increase and, consequently, you will have to consume a larger amount of food to be able to supply all the demand for activities.

Also, avoid cutting carbohydrates from your diet — this measure has proved counterproductive for those who are very active.

Therefore, the accompaniment of a nutritionist is ideal to guarantee your performance and even your results.

Look for a trained professional

Finally, don’t forget to carry out your training with trained and experienced physical education professionals.

Although there is a lot of information on the internet, instructors cannot be replaced for a multitude of reasons.

Face-to-face monitoring is important so that the dosage mentioned above happens in the most individualized way possible.

Another essential factor is the periodization of training, essential for your safety and to achieve the desired results.

Look for a serious gym with experience in the subject, also consider hiring a personal trainer to have the best possible results. That way, your efforts will be completely rewarded.

As we have seen, combining aerobic training with weight training is no big deal.

You just need to stay focused, dose your training in the right measure and count on trained professionals, to see an improvement in health and physical performance.

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