How to improve your triceps workout and achieve excellent results

Here at the gym, triceps training is among the most popular when it comes to weight training, and this type of exercise needs to receive a lot of attention.

We know that it is already difficult to maintain a bodybuilding routine in a gym, so we have brought essential tips for you to maintain discipline and focus.

After all, your body won’t change overnight, much less if you do the wrong exercise sequences.

Doing them correctly is essential for the process of muscle hypertrophy to achieve optimal results.

This process can be defined as the increase in muscle cells, making them more defined, stronger and larger.

In this post, we will show you tips on how to improve your triceps training and achieve excellent results.

Come with us!

Focus on technique

One of the main tips for triceps training is to perform exercises with technique.

That is, it is more important to focus on the right way you train than on the strength you do.

Invest in perfectly executing the movements and effort made by the muscle, without being so concerned with the amount of load of your training.

Exercise with the dumbbells

In many weight training exercises, it can be more effective to perform movements with free weights than on the pulley and on machines.

In the case of triceps training, the ideal is not to do this, since the focus should be on repetitions and range of motion. Exercise with dumbbells, like the French and forehead, for best results.

Stimulate the pumping of blood

During a triceps workout, it is essential to have a large amount of blood pumped into the areas being moved.

Some exercises that are important to have good results in this training are those performed on dumbbells.

Since the arms are up, this style of exercise for the triceps causes the area to receive a greater amount of blood.

Diversify your triceps training

Even people who have a habit of doing weight training in gyms can perform the wrong combination of exercises.

This, for sure, will be a factor of lower body performance and, consequently, less result. It is essential to diversify your training and avoid chest and triceps exercises on the same day.

A good combination is to combine the movements of triceps with biceps to enhance the worked area.

Do more exercise repetitions

Just as it is important to diversify the training, it is interesting to do repetitions of the same exercise to maximize the result of the triceps.

Focus on doing more repetitions than investing in the amount of cargo.

It is better to do sets repeating the movements 10 to 12 times with a certain load, than to do 8 repetitions with a greater load.

Be careful with your joints

During triceps training, it is essential to be careful with your joints, especially with your elbow.

As bodybuilding is practiced, these regions of the body become more and more fragile.

Ah, always try to keep your elbows still during the exercises at the gym. This can keep you from getting hurt and losing your entire process.

To get the best results, it is essential that your triceps training has focus and a lot of discipline. Take reasonable care to exercise in the best possible way.

Invest more in the excellence of movements than in the amount of load.

Also, choose a good gym with qualified professionals to reduce the risk of injury and ensure good results.



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