After all, how to stop being sedentary?

Even with the great growth of gyms and the explosion of the fitness concept in the country, Brazilians still do not know how to stop being sedentary.

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that almost 25% of adults do not exercise regularly. Among adolescents, the rate is over 80%.

In Brazil, one in two people are considered sedentary because they do not perform at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week.

Do you fit that description? For you know that letting go of sedentarism requires a lot of care, so as not to get excited at the beginning and end up causing more health problems.

So, below, we will show you some important points so that you know how to stop being sedentary in a safe and healthy way.

Consult a doctor before beginning any physical activity

Have you been without regular exercise for a long time and, to make matters worse, don’t you have a healthy diet? So, the first step is to see a doctor.

The aim is to check the condition of your body after so long consuming less nutritious food, and little (if any) regular physical activity.

The doctor can indicate the intensity and type of exercise you should practice initially in order not to overload your body and cause more serious health problems.

After having a check-up to make sure everything is right, look for a nutritionist to combine a return to exercise with a healthy and balanced diet.

After all, when we exercise regularly, our body demands more of our food to be able to withstand greater physical wear and tear.

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Choose a pleasant activity for you

Another important point, mainly thinking about the motivation to go back to following an exercise routine, is to look for a physical activity that you consider pleasant.

When choosing one that you identify with, you will certainly find more strength to overcome laziness and lack of motivation in the initial moments.

When the person acquires this new habit, it becomes easier to look for other modalities to create a variety of options. Thus, the chances of getting sick from one or the other decrease.

For example, did you start with a light walk? Then you can mix it with weight training or even functional training.

Respect your limits

Care must be taken not to force more than your body can handle at first. Take into account that your body was not used to regular physical activities.

As great as your enthusiasm, be patient to realize the results of a healthier routine. Don’t rush to lose a lot of weight or gain mass, for example.

Anyway, if you want to put sedentary lifestyle aside, think beyond the goals you want to achieve. It is best not to skip the steps that involve this process.

Seek help from experts and choose the most pleasant activities possible to resume a healthier routine. Also do not commit excesses, in order to avoid other problems.


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