Alcohol and hypertrophy: understand this relationship

Any type of drug, whether licit or illicit, can impair the performance and results of those who play sports regularly.

However, the big question when it comes to alcohol and hypertrophy is, in fact, excess.

Everything that is done in excess, even physical exercise — the famous «overtraining» — can have negative effects on our body.

With alcohol it is no different, especially for those who practice physical activities and have healthy habits with the aim of hypertrophy.

Whoever exaggerates ends up paying the price, jeopardizing some gains.

We will explain how drinking alcohol can harm your hypertrophy, how our body reacts to alcohol.

You will also know what options can minimize side effects for those who want to get away from the routine a little and relax with a drink.

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How does our body react to alcohol?

When consumed in excess, alcohol harms our body in several ways:

  • accumulates fat in the liver;
  • irritates the digestive system;
  • decreases the production of anabolic hormones;
  • disturbs both the protein synthesis in our body and the absorption of other nutrients.

In addition, alcoholic beverages end up affecting the quality of our sleep — not to be confused with quantity -, not allowing our body to reach the deepest stages.

It is in those moments when, in fact, we are able to rest and produce the hormones necessary for the proper functioning of our organism.

What is the relationship between alcohol and hypertrophy?

The side effects of excess alcohol do not end there. Dehydration is one of the worst symptoms for those who do not give up that beer.

As we drink, our body stops producing the hormones responsible for controlling the outflow of fluids from our body.

In this way, we eliminate more than necessary and become dehydrated, which directly damages hypertrophy, after all, water is the major part of what constitutes our body.

The next day, it is difficult for people to follow the diet — due to irritation in the digestive system — or even to perform physical activities with maximum performance.

Furthermore, we do not rest properly and the production of anabolic hormones is impaired.

For those looking for faster and more efficient results, it is essential to find a balance so as not to exaggerate and lose the gains due to repeated exaggerations in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol and hypertrophy, in fact, do not match.

What options can minimize the side effects of alcohol consumption?

To avoid so much damage for those looking for lean mass and fat loss, one way to minimize side effects is to opt for drinks with less sugar than beer or vodka, accompanied by energy drinks and juices, for example.

Opt for a glass of red wine or a dose of sake, which are drinks that offer less risk to your goals.

It is important to note, however, that consuming alcoholic beverages sporadically and in moderation will not significantly affect your results.

The fundamental point is to find a middle ground and do everything in a balanced way.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can negatively influence your results in the gym or in the practice of any other physical activity.

But, here we present some alternatives that minimize side effects for those who do not want to give up a drink here or there.

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