How should food be for those who work out at the gym?

Have you ever wondered if you are eating poorly, and what should be the diet for gym workers?

It is essential that you take certain care with your food in any environment.

By focusing your efforts on achieving good results in training, conscious consumption can help a lot.

Below, we’ve separated some essential feeding tips for you to put into practice today.

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Split your meals

Regardless of whether you want to increase your strength, burn localized fat or gain muscle mass, splitting meals to eat every three hours can be very useful.

This practice allows blood glucose to be balanced and, even, that it is not necessary to use the function of amino acids to preserve body mass.

Of course, the number of meals you eat during the day will depend a lot on your routine. The greater the degree of organization, from the moment you wake up, the better your diet will be. Adjust the amount of food eaten, taking into account the number of calories and possible macronutrients present in the meal.

Value proteins

For those looking for gradual muscle growth, nothing better than daily protein consumption.

Proteins play a fundamental role in our body, they are responsible for the regeneration of injuries that occur in the muscles.

The ideal daily consumption should be between 1.2 g and 1.8 g. If you are weighing around 86 kg, for example, you should consume between 103.2 g and 154.8 g.

Some foods, like chicken and fish, are good alternatives, but there are vegetarian recipes rich in proteins that also make your mouth water.

Make carbohydrate an ally

Forget about cutting carbohydrate out of your diet, it is not an enemy and can still yield great results before and after training.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body, the absence of food with this potential causes proteins to become overloaded in the function of generating “fuel” for cells.

You will see two types of carbohydrates:

  • the simple one, which has a high glycemic index;
  • and the complex, a low blood glucose index.
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    Focus on food to gain lean mass

    Gaining lean mass is one of the focuses of most people who train at your side, in view of the fact that it speeds up the weight loss process.

    The advantages of prioritizing results go well beyond just a beautiful body, guarantee the maintenance of health in day and, with that, a good cadence in training.

    Mixing physical exercises and gaining lean mass requires a reinforced diet, whose training results appear as the person consumes a good level of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats.

    As a food recommendation, you can eat egg, sardines, rice, beans, hazelnuts, cassava, whole-grain pasta and bananas.

    Finally, it is worth mentioning that, water has numerous benefits that help not only to recover your breath, but to have a good functioning of the organism. So, drink plenty of water.

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