Mental health in the gym: be your own inspiration!

Mental health in the gym is directly related to well-being and self-esteem.

Most people start doing physical activity to change their body aesthetically, and this can be harmful. It is extremely important that the person is able to accept his own body. Otherwise, negative behaviors can be generated under the guise of the ideal body.

We will talk more about this important topic that is often overlooked by some people who are in the fitness world.

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You need to accept your individuality

All people started from somewhere, don’t they? Some have a higher percentage of fat, others lower, and in a few cases, there is genetic favoring.

Regardless of where you are, it is essential to remain confident, motivated and mainly focused on your own goals.

This means that you do not create expectations that do not correspond to your reality or even that you give up halfway.

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to the next one, which is often at a more advanced level than you.

Understand that many of the people you admire have been training for a long time. In many cases, there is a difference in years of sports practice.

The ideal is that you remain within your reality, gradually improving your physique until you reach your ideal body.

Avoid fad diets, drastic alternatives, use of anabolic steroids and / or medications. These shortcuts hardly work, and almost always do harm to your health.

Some tips for controlling anxiety

It is natural that today people feel pressured to have a certain physical appearance.

After all, at all times — including on social media — we are bombarded with a beauty standard that is difficult to reach.

In order not to fall into the trap of having a super regulated life with few pleasures, see below some essential tips for your mental health.

1. Have realistic goals with an appropriate deadline

Most people enroll with the false impression that it is possible to achieve a healed body in a few months of training.

Obviously, it is possible to achieve great results within a reasonable period, the problem is that these changes are not always in line with the vision of those who start in weight training.

So, to avoid this type of situation, talk to the teacher and see what is really possible within a period of time.

It will assist in your goals and will certainly set a realistic and functional goal. This reduces frustrations and helps you stay motivated over the months of training.

2. Be flexible with your goal

The worst mistake you can make along your journey is having a completely rigid mindset with your diet and even training protocol.

To maintain mental health it is always important to be open to social events, unusual situations and even moments of pleasure and leisure during the week.

A snack will not throw all your results in the trash, and eventually, it is always good to relax to keep your breath out during the week.

Talk to your nutritionist and don’t forget that even the famous “garbage day” can provide excellent results for your physique, when well programmed.

3. Avoid comparison with the next one at all costs

Every time we compare ourselves with someone else, we highlight our weaknesses that generate discomfort.

Obviously, all these factors are personal and vary according to each individual, but what is frequent is the dissatisfaction that this practice can provide.

Over time, this comparison can fuel deep dissatisfaction, which jeopardizes your progress and even your emotional well-being.

Don’t forget that your body is unique, you have to accept it in order to be well with yourself.

Understand that the evolution in bodybuilding in addition to physical, is also mental. Since trust and even our behaviors change over time.

Take time and know that above all, a healthy lifestyle is the key to having a happier and disease-free life.

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