Pre-workout supplements: learn how they work and how to choose the ideal

Pre-workout supplements are among the most talked about when people ask about sports nutrition.

With great popularity, doubts are natural and are part of your decision to buy and ingest these products, which are relatively new to the sports nutrition market.

Already beforehand, we can inform you that they really work and that they are capable of faithfully fulfilling their role and giving more disposition to those in need.

Let’s talk about these supplements and show you how you can choose the product that best suits your needs.

Ready to learn more? Read on and check it out!

What are pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are basically stimulants that help to give more energy to the practitioner of physical activity.

Most of these products have caffeine in their nutritional composition, to ensure increased energy and disposition.

In other cases, you can even find a few grams of BCAAs and creatine, substances that help increase muscle endurance.

However, it is important to note that, in some studies, it has been proven that caffeine can compromise the effects of creatine.

Carbohydrates and other amino acids can also be part of this supplementation, which sometimes has vitamins to help provide nutritional support.

The main differences between the pre-workout and the thermogenic ones are in their nutritional composition and in the amount of stimulants per supplementation dosage.

In which situations are they recommended?

Pre-workout supplements are recommended for practitioners of weight training and other activities that require too much physical effort.

Know that, unlike most other products, this type of supplement has serious restrictions and must be respected.

Hypertensive and people with heart problems should avoid their intake as much as possible, as well as those with panic disorder or other similar illnesses.

The intake of stimulants for these groups increases the symptoms of their clinical conditions, and can cause damage to health.

The ideal is to consult a nutritionist to be sure of the safe intake of these products. For healthy people of both sexes, there are usually no restrictions.

How to choose a good supplement?

The first step in choosing a good pre-workout is a personal analysis of your training schedule.

For those who train in the morning and manage to have quality food before exercise, the inclusion of pre-training can be interesting. The same goes for those who practice the activity in the afternoon.

For those who choose to train at night, ingestion can cause adverse effects, such as difficulty sleeping.

Another essential aspect to choose your pre-workout is to know its composition. Always respect your diet and don’t forget to opt for known substances.

Avoid supplements that contain more than 400 mg of caffeine in their composition. Above this amount, the use is contraindicated because it can cause damage to health.

Use supplements wisely

We emphasize, again, that consultation with a sports nutritionist is the best way to find a supplement suitable to your needs.

In addition, it is important to observe the body’s response to the supplement, which, in some cases, can have adverse effects for some individuals more sensitive to caffeine.

As we have seen, pre-workout supplements are great sources of energy for those who exercise intensely — even though they are not as important as Whey Protein and other products that optimize physical activity.

So see a nutritionist and see if you can also enjoy its benefits!

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