Gym exam: why is it necessary to do it regularly?

The gym exam was mandatory a few years ago. Everyone who had the desire to start some physical activity needed to deliver a medical certificate proving their health.

Recently, this practice has become optional: now, just answer a questionnaire to decide if you are able or not to exercise.

This questionnaire is known as PAR-Q and, despite fulfilling its role, some believe that it is not enough to certify a person’s health.

In this text, we will explain why it is necessary to have medical exams regularly, especially when starting a physical activity. Ready to find out more? Read on and check it out!

Why is medical check-up important for your health?

Nothing beats a medical check-up. In it, you discover how your body is doing, being able to identify risks or even diseases that have not yet manifested themselves.

A simple complete blood count can show cholesterol, glucose and other important data that, if not monitored by a doctor, can damage your health. You don’t have to be sick to start treatment.

The electrocardiogram, for example, helps to identify a cardiac arrhythmia or other coronary problems that can hinder your sports practice.

Practicing physical exercises with any of these problems is extremely dangerous. So while the gym exam is not mandatory, it is still the best way to stay healthy.

In this way, any kind of unpleasant surprises — and even dangerous situations — can be avoided.

What is the danger of the lack of medical assistance in the gyms?

The PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) was approved by the Federal Council for Physical Education (CONFEF) as a solution for people to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. The intention is to simplify entry into any type of sports practice.

Much of this measure was taken considering that the teacher must be responsible for identifying any health problem in the practitioner. However, this professional is not fully qualified to deal with high risk cases, even if he manages to perceive a problem.

During an exercise, an individual’s metabolism undergoes a series of changes, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate. Hypertensive people, with arrhythmia or another heart problem may not know that they have these problems and, during some exercise, these conditions can get worse.

The malaise can range from temporary discomfort to something more serious, requiring clinical assistance.

How to exercise safely?

Although the health certificate is no longer mandatory, we emphasize that a simple visit to the doctor can avoid greater risks. Therefore, being attentive and proactive with your health is the best way to stay fit to practice any sport.

Look for serious gyms, which encourage regular medical examinations, and avoid places that do not follow up. Take your health as seriously as your training to achieve the best results.

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