Fitness trends: 5 sports that will be on the rise in 2019

The year has started and now is the time to let go of laziness, choose some physical activity to practice and start 2019 on the right foot.

Excuses have less and less space when it comes to sports.

Whatever your goal, some type of exercise will fit your preferences.

Group classes, individual activities, weight loss, hypertrophy, gym or outdoor exercise: no matter what your goal, the excuses are over in 2019.

We have separated a list with five fitness trends that will be on the rise in 2019 and how to start practicing them, check it out!

1. Functional training

Ideal for those who have no patience for conventional gym exercises!

Functional training aims to work the whole body simultaneously, instead of just one muscle group at a time.

It is great for working muscle strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory system, motor coordination and balance.

Not to mention that it ends up being an alternative for those who want results without having to attend a traditional gym.

2. FitDance

How about combining the pleasure of dancing with great benefits of aerobic exercise, in addition to having a constant evolution?

With varied musical styles, FitDance is a great alternative for those looking for more fun physical activity.

For those who don’t have the patience for a jog in the park or even on the treadmill, but want to include an aerobic activity in their routine, it is the ideal solution.

3. Running class

Running can be quite a lonely exercise, and it ends up being a demotivating or abandoning factor in a quick period.

In order to bring students closer together and make running a more dynamic and interactive exercise, Running Class classes are a very interesting option.

Within a controlled environment, students receive specific training and are constantly monitored by teachers to assess and correct movements.

4. Ergometry

Do you want to start exercising after a long period of physical inactivity?

Ergometry is an interesting possibility for those who fit this description.

In addition to strengthening muscle in the joints and lower limbs, activity improves physical and cardiac fitness — all in a low-intensity exercise.

5. Boxing

Anyone who imagines a scenario similar to that of an academy in the North American film franchise «Rocky» may change his mind.

Covering an increasingly broad and varied audience, the activity is no longer a sport restricted to the male audience and is no longer put aside due to “violence”.

Boxing has become the darling sport of artists and celebrities, and not only for men, but it is also very successful with the female audience.

A more attractive way to provide strength and flexibility to students, with ropes, sit-ups and lots of movement, the activity is ideal for burning calories.

Well, sports activities are there, more and more varied and embracing different audiences and tastes. So, your excuses are over, it’s time to start exercising.



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