Have you ever heard of calisthenics training? Know this technique!

Calisthenics training is an innovation in the fitness world and has been gaining many fans.

This type of training is aimed at weight loss, muscle toning and muscle strengthening. In addition to being a sport, it is also a type of functional physical activity.

In it, the athlete uses the weight of his own body to perform the exercises, simulating daily movements.

Therefore, it is presented as a complete sport and guided by principles such as the selection of exercises, precision of practice and totality in body work.

Are you curious to know a little more about calisthenics training and all the benefits it can bring to you?

So, read on and check it out!

How does calisthenics work?

In calisthenics training, the practitioner does not use devices.

This is because the exercises aim at muscle development and weight loss by activities using body weight.

Students are instructed by a teacher to repeat actions on free devices or without any device — such as sit-ups, push-ups and burpees.

As with weight training, it is possible for the calisthenics athlete to work all muscle groups or to focus their training on a specific one, such as the legs.

The results of slimming, toning and gaining muscle mass for sports fans are fast. In addition, agility and flexibility are enhanced.

What are the benefits of calisthenics training?

Another important point is related to the benefits that training can bring to your practitioner.

The gains are several, and among them we can mention:

  • gaining muscle mass;
  • muscle toning;
  • weight loss;
  • definition;
  • greater control over the body;
  • improved heart rate.

In addition to the results related to the body, calisthenics also stands out because it can be practiced in free areas. Even, your activities can be developed even on trips when you are away from the gym.

What are the expected results from calisthenics training?

A practitioner of calisthenics will be able to verify, first of all, that his physical condition will undergo a significant improvement.

During practice, metabolism is accelerated, favoring weight loss and gaining lean mass — if associated with adequate nutrition.

If you want significant results and want to keep the body of your dreams, combine bodybuilding with calisthenics. There will be hypertrophy, muscle definition, conditioning and an admirable shape!

How to practice calisthenics training at the gym?

Next, we will give you some tips for you to take care of calisthenics training in the gym and achieve results without injuries!

Determine a sequence of exercises

Before starting your training, ask the gym’s personal to put together a form with the sequence of exercises you should perform.

This way, you maximize your results and do not run the risk of overloading any muscle group.

Start with the basics

Don’t be discouraged if, in the beginning, you are unable to do all those exercises that more experienced athletes do. Start at the beginning, making sequences easier.

In a short time, with the help of the academy professional, you will have a resource for more advanced and difficult practices.

Respect the limits of the body

Like any workout, calisthenics demands a lot from our body. Therefore, respecting your limits is essential!

When you feel any discomfort, stop immediately. This way, you avoid injuries and can safely advance your training.

As we have seen, calisthenics training is a major trend in the fitness world as it is a complete exercise, which works with various muscle groups and brings numerous benefits.

Make sure to perform calisthenics training in gyms that have experienced and competent professionals. Thus, you prioritize the technique, avoid injuries and optimize results.

If you liked this post and were interested in practicing calisthenics training, contact us. We will be happy to help you develop your body and have a healthier life!

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