Learn how to optimize your routine with a 30-minute workout

Many people think that in order to have good results, it is necessary to spend hours at the gym, however, this is not true.

With a 30-minute workout, you can feel the effects of physical activities and develop habits for a healthier life.

So, lack of time is no longer an excuse for not reaching the body of your dreams, right?

Do you want to lose weight, define, tone or gain muscle mass?

Read on and find out how you can do it in a few minutes a day.

Why do 30-minute workouts pay off?

In the past, people thought it was necessary to practice, for more than 60 minutes daily, physical activities to have good results.

Nowadays, we already know that 30 minutes a day is enough to reach the goals, as long as the training is well executed.

This means that the body responds very well to intense physical exercise for half an hour, as much as it responds to moderates done for an hour.

What are the benefits of this type of training?

In addition to streamlining the daily routine, the 30-minute workout offers several health benefits, as well as the others. See:

  • helps to burn body fat and thus prevents cardiovascular disease;
  • assists in gaining muscle mass;
  • improves body composition, as it reduces the percentage of fat;
  • increases physical fitness, which is our ability to make an effort without getting tired easily;
  • improves the cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular system;
  • helps in good mood, brings well-being and, consequently, combats depression and anxiety.

How to lose weight with the 30-minute workout?

There is a myth that our bodies only use fat after 30 minutes of physical activity.

However, the truth is that this burning happens in the first minute of exercises, especially if they are done with greater intensity.

In other words, in total gas, you can lose weight with shorter workouts that mix aerobics with functional exercises.

A good example of a 30-minute weight loss workout is the circuit that varies in intensity, mixing, for example, a run with sit-ups and squats.

Thus, different metabolic variations are caused that help the body to burn fat and, in addition, strengthen the muscles.

It is worth remembering that, to have good results, it is necessary to combine training with a balanced diet. Otherwise, you may not lose weight as desired.

How to gain muscle mass with the 30-minute workout?

Don’t think that the 30-minute workout is only for those who want to lose weight. He is also very efficient when it comes to gaining muscle.

However, there is an indication: it is not suitable for beginners, as the intensity of the exercises must be high.

In this case, it is 30 minutes a day, including weekends, training only one muscle group at a time.

Although the workouts are short, they are very heavy, so it is extremely necessary to follow up with a personal trainer or a physical educator to avoid injuries.

In addition, they must be combined with a personalized diet plan according to the needs of the organism and its objectives.

As you could see, the 30-minute workout is a great way for those who want to lose weight or hypertrophy, but don’t have time to spend hours at the gym.



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